"Don't Touch What's Not Yours!" Vanier Sexual Assault Campaign

With a new implementation of a sexual assault policy, Vanier representatives asked MicroMedia students to create an impactful ad about sexual assault. As there were no requirements except for format, my partner and I decided to use the provocative expression “Where are your manners? Don’t touch what’s not yours!” By using an image of someone touching a ham cut open, it makes one think about how as a kid your parents would tell you to keep your hands away from what’s not yours. We followed it up with a shocking statistic to make the ad even more effective. On my own, I added to our campaign by making two more ads, one touching an orange and the other grabbing a corn. These foods add a bit of humor to a very serious campaign, as they resemble female and male parts.

Software: Adobe Indesign, Photoshop

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    Catherine Paukszta, Junior Graphic Designer

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    Catherine Paukszta, Junior Graphic Designer

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